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Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are still a popular and effective marketing strategy since they are one of the most successful ways to increase brand awareness through exposure, boost your brand identity, and create memorable local associations while providing distinctive marketing advertising.

Whether it is for your personal business, fleet, or company vehicle, we use high-quality materials and innovative digital printing technology to create a wide range of car graphics, including full digital vehicle wraps, decals, and stickers.

Passing cars and pedestrians will not notice a plain white van, but they will notice a colorful, appealing, professionally created branding on your vehicle. At Erbs Signs, we make sure that your message and brand are seen by those around you, whether you are parked or stuck in a traffic jam!

Let’s turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard and advertise your services wherever you go!

Looking for Something Temporary? Car Magnets are one option, our custom car magnets are removable and reusable, allowing you to quickly switch your vehicle from personal to commercial use.

Benefits of vehicle graphics:

   Build a local business presence
   Reach many potential customers
   Economical than repainting
   Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of channel letter signs are available?

There is a wide variety of channel letters however here are the most popular ones.

Front-lit can be the most common channel letter signs or standard characters. They have an acrylic face, aluminum returns, backs, and trim caps.

These signs are totally customizable, and each letter has LED modules hidden within the acrylic face. Front-lit channel letters are ideal for attracting the attention of drivers passing by your business because they can be seen from afar. To make them easier to read from a distance, choosing bright LED illumination and thick fonts could be the way to go.

Halo Lit Channel Letters / Reverse Channel Letters
These types of signs are known by several names — Backlit Letters, Reverse Channel Letters, or Halo Lit Channel Letters.

This type of sign allows you to use different colours to show a contrast between the front and backlighting to give off a halo effect in the back.


Front and Backlit Channel Letters
One of its features is that the light shines through a translucent acrylic face within the letters or logo to draw attention night or day, offering great visibility over long distances that are easy to read.

The interior lights are generally LEDs (and therefore the halo colour) is typically white, but other colours are available, giving a glow in the front and a halo effect in the back that makes this type of lighting appear to float off the wall.

Another energy-efficient option is bulbs that also provide cost savings over other types of lighting.

What material is used for vehicle graphics?

Vinyl is the most popular material used for it, however, there are some different types of vinyl like perforated vinyl that can be used in vehicle windows, this particular material allows your design to be seen from outside while still allowing light through.


Why should I choose vehicle graphics? Should I choose car magnets instead?

Vehicle graphics are an excellent option for the long term. This can be used to promote services or products from a business, this can partially cover your vehicle or fully wrapped it. Although it is simple to remove, they are regarded as semi-permanent and are not intended to be removed and reapplied; however, if you are looking for a temporary sign to promote an offer or event and to cover only a specific area of your vehicle like the door, choose our vehicle magnet signs. These are excellent signage that can be easily removed and reapplied on a regular basis.

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