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Pylon Signs

Have you ever driven down a road, unsure of whether a store is located in a certain plaza? Chances are, you were looking at a pylon sign to find your answer.

Pylon signs are freestanding structures. These signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated and are easily visible due to their height. They are commonly used in gas stations, shopping centers, car dealerships, plazas, commercial buildings, motels, and hotels.

Erb Signs designs and manufactures pylon signs from the ground up (literally). We do everything from putting holes in the ground to developing the freestanding structure to designing and creating the pylon faces for each business. You are in good hands when you choose to work with us!

Benefits of pylon signs:

  Visible from a distance
   Stands out
   Easily recognizable at night
   Branding opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of channel letter signs are available?

There is a wide variety of channel letters however here are the most popular ones.

Front-lit can be the most common channel letter signs or standard characters. They have an acrylic face, aluminum returns, backs, and trim caps.

These signs are totally customizable, and each letter has LED modules hidden within the acrylic face. Front-lit channel letters are ideal for attracting the attention of drivers passing by your business because they can be seen from afar. To make them easier to read from a distance, choosing bright LED illumination and thick fonts could be the way to go.

Halo Lit Channel Letters / Reverse Channel Letters
These types of signs are known by several names — Backlit Letters, Reverse Channel Letters, or Halo Lit Channel Letters.

This type of sign allows you to use different colours to show a contrast between the front and backlighting to give off a halo effect in the back.


Front and Backlit Channel Letters
One of its features is that the light shines through a translucent acrylic face within the letters or logo to draw attention night or day, offering great visibility over long distances that are easy to read.

The interior lights are generally LEDs (and therefore the halo colour) is typically white, but other colours are available, giving a glow in the front and a halo effect in the back that makes this type of lighting appear to float off the wall.

Another energy-efficient option is bulbs that also provide cost savings over other types of lighting.

Are there different types of pylons?

However, they are often referred to by different names such as road signs, freestanding signs, highway signs, pole signs, etc., when it comes to Pylon signs we can find these options:

Pylon (Illuminated -Non-illuminated)

Pylon signs can be one-sided or double-sided, depending on the direction the sign will be facing. Can be a single lightbox or a bunch of boxes with the company’s names and brand logos on display, but you may also see pylon signs that are illuminated (lightboxes) or have other elements, like an LED message center.
They can be mounted on single or double poles. One of their unique features is their height, usually tall enough to be seen from a long distance.

Monument Pylon Signs (Illuminated -Non-illuminated)

Monument Signs are shorter and stockier. they are lower profile, they are usually installed near the entrance of the business. This way the sign is closer to eye level for people walking by, motorists traveling at lower speeds.
Monument Pylon Signs can display different elements like Boxes, Lightboxes, or LED Message centre.

What are the differences between pylon and monument signs?

Pylon signs and monument signs are both freestanding sign types, but there are some differences between them; one is visibility, Pylon signs are designed and placed where they can be seen from a distance, they are usually installed on highways or busy roads in order to reach a larger audience unlike monument signs are lower profile, they are usually installed near an entrance to the business.


Do I need a city permit to have a pylon sign?

Yes, a city permit is required for a pylon sign. The process can be confusing at times, which is why we work closely with the corporate, whether it’s a mall, restaurant, or building, to lay everything outright and make the permit process simple.

Our team has been very successful in getting city permits for most of our customers, taking care of the whole process from design to installing all kinds of pylons.  Get in contact today!

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