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Windows are a great space to utilize for advertising, especially in high foot traffic areas. Whether you are looking to cover part or the entire windows of your business or store entrance, decals can be the way to go, as well as to cover an indoor wall, a decal is still a good option.

Another option is stickers, well used to personalize or label your products; both window decals and stickers are removable and interchangeable which allows you to display your logo and/or services in a unique way.

Erb Signs uses various types of vinyl to create custom window decals or clings that cater to the needs and wants of our clients. Do you need to block out sunlight completely? Our solid vinyl is perfect for that and can be ordered in many different colours. Do you prefer to have natural sunlight shining into the building? With our perforated vinyl, your design is seen from the outside while still allowing light through.

Let us be the ones to convert your windows to a work of art!

Benefits of decals & stickers

   Easy to install
   Different vinyl options available

Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between a window cling and decal?

A window decal has an adhesive backing so once it is positioned and installed it is “semi-permanent”. You should choose a position for the decal ahead of time and then follow the instructions for installation. You can make minor adjustments to the position of a window decal before the full installation is completed.

Window clings can be installed in seconds. Since they do not have an adhesive backing, you can set them wherever you like and quickly relocate them if necessary. You may also relocate the window cling from one place to another and reuse it without any problems.


What long does window clings last?

Window clings can typically stick to a glass surface for up to six months. Because they are not adhered with adhesive, they do not last as long as other window or glass decals.

Static clings tend to pick up dirt and grease after six months, losing their suction and capacity to hold to the surface they’re bonded to.


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