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LED Message center

One of the main things distinguishing LED message centers apart from other signs is their striking brightness.

Our message center displays can show any combination of video, graphics, and text to attract attention and promote purchases.

Both the full color and grayscale models use software to control the messaging on the displays, allowing dynamic content with ease.

This means that no matter what time of day, and regardless of whether your customers are walking or driving past, they can get a clear impression of your sign’s message or logo.

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Benefits of a LED message center:

   Low maintenance
   Extremely durable
   Aesthetically appealing design
   Visible to all who pass by your location

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LED message center sign?

LED electronic message centers are computerized, programmable signage designed to withstand the elements, like rain, snow, and even harsh sunlight.

Electronic message centers store and display images and text messages that rotate or display for varying lengths of time, allowing you to update your message frequently without having to replace sign parts, letters, or personnel.

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